Get More Listings By Modeling What The Most Successful Real Estate Rockstars Are Doing Today As They Open Up Their Playbook For You...
Listen In As A Group Of Ultra-Successful Agents and Industry Insiders Open Up Their Listing Getting Playbook To Discuss Their Breakthroughs From The Past Year And Show You What's Working Best For Them...
March 19th - April 4th
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Instead Of Always Shooting In The Dark, What If You Knew The Exact Listing-Getting Strategies That Get Predictable Results?...
If You Want To Get Your Hands On The These Listing Getting Insights:
  •  Discover 2 specific emails you can send home sellers to get their "buy-in" for working with you before ever meeting with them...  And these two same emails will get home owners to agree with you on pricing without ridiculous resistance (Amy Broghamer)
  •  A step-by-step process called the "Dynamic Appointment Accelerator Formula" that can 5X your listings within 90 days... this is works for agents in any market - semi-rural vs inner-city, high price point vs low price point... (Josh Schoenly)
  •  The ONE shift you need to make in your lead conversion process that will get you to the listing appointment faster than other agents... one agent in Pennsylvania used this strategy to generate $78,000 in listing commissions within 58 days of using it! (Gary Elwood)
  •  The simplest way to setup good systems in your real estate business that will predictably generate listings for you, even if you're having a rough month... not 1 in 10,000 agents has systems setup this effectively, yet you'll learn how to do it within just a few hours... (Sharran Srivatsaa)
  •  The 3 most effective ways to get listing leads using social media that take less than 5 hours per week to work... if you do these three things on a weekly basis, within 90 days you'll be generating listing leads passively at no-cost (Greg McDaniel)
  •  The single most effective referral getting strategy on the planet that doesn't require you to spend money on expensive gifts, mailers, or other complicated ideas... you'll learn why doing this just ONE time per month can get you 5-15 new listing referrals per month! (Michael Maher)
  •  Pull more listing leads out of your database with this 3-step process in the next 30 days than what most agents generate in six months of "prospecting"... doesn't require a single "cold-call", "prospecting call", or cheesy tactic and it will also stimulate referrals (Frank Klesitz)
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Section 1 - LEADS
Gary Elwood
Josh Schoenly
Keri Shull
Amy Broghamer
Frank Klesitz
Greg McDaniel
Michael Maher
Aaron Wittenstein
Pat Hiban
Chris Speicher
Sharran Srivatsaa
Lisa Archer
Stephanie Younger
Bob Corcoran
Andrey Polston
Gayle Zientek
Howard Tager
Shaun Farr
Scott Pierce
David Anderson
Glenn Twiddle
Jeff Pfitzer
Brad Feldman
Dean Aguilar
Scott Trembley
Steve Olson
Jason Will
Treasure Davis
Daniel Ramsey
Wayne Salmans
Monica Weakley
Kevin Hoover
Peter Pessetto
Ricky Carruth
Kevin Kauffman
Chris Watters
Todd Tramonte
Sharon McCormick
Steven David Elliot
Jennifer Mallory
Ashley Harwood
Kim Angeli
Andrew Scherer
Hoss Pratt
Ray Wood
Hank Avink
Nick Cioffi
Justin Zimmerman
Kevin Markarian
Bob Mangold
Mike Treteault
Brian Charlesworth
Zach Beach
Gene Volpe
Dan Lesniak
Andrew Undem
Knolly Williams
Josh Cunningham
Jeff Glover
Sam Khorramian
Jacqui Bowman
Jet Xavier
Jeff Cohn
Suneet Agarwal
Cut Through The Noise & Learn The Listing-Getting Strategies That Really Work...
Why you should attend the Get Listings Summit:
Incredibly Actionable Information

Because the speakers are all either incredibly successful agents, proven coaches, or vetted industry platforms -- the level of insight you're going to get from every session will be "pages of notes" worthy. Tactical information you can apply in your business right away.

Inspiration That Challenges You

These speakers will light a fire under your behind with what's possible. We've got success stories ranging from coping with learning disabilities, a mom with puking toddlers in tow, to starting out dead broke with life in a smoking crater. You will be inspired by just what is possible, and your mind and vision will be refreshed.

This Summit Will Deliver Results

The standard for every speaker interview is "if this was the only interview that an agent was able to watch, would they be able to get results with it?" This level of demand is put on every speaker, so that you will get incredible results.

First Time All These Minds Are Together

And it may be the only time ever that all these minds in our industry come together for one event. Pull back the curtain on what's driving their success, and their wanting to go deep and give back to the community. All with a shared vision: to help you create the business and life you want.

It's FREE For A Limited Time, If You Sign Up Today

Most conferences require to you invest a lot of time, energy, and money. You have to travel, buy lodging, and completely stop your life. The Get Listings Summit is different - you save money, maximize time, and fit things in around your schedule. And it's FREE ...if you claim your ticket today.

What Makes the Get Listings Summit Stand Out?
A Singular Focus On ONE Thing

This summit focuses on one thing: how to take your listing game to the next level. So it's not all over the board - all the speaker sessions build on each other to give you the most in-depth guide possible for winning the listing game.

Carefully Vetted Speakers

To become a speaker at the Get Listings Summit you had to A) spend a min of 30 min answering questions about your business and how you operate, B) you had to be vouched for by someone I already personally knew as high-calibre, and C) you had to have proof of results.

In-Depth, Actionable Interviews

Not a single interview is surface level. Or just "lofty principles up in the clouds". As Gary V says: "clouds and dirt". And I make sure that every interview delivers solid real estate gold to you that is "note-taking worthy".

Do You Want To Learn From Some Of The Most Successful
Professionals In Real Estate Today?
Learn The Insights Usually Only Shared Between Friends. Get A Jump On The Best Listing Strategies For This Year.

What is the Get Listings Summit?

The Get Listings Summit is an online event featuring more than 50 of the leading experts on getting listings and growing a real estate business.

Who should attend the Summit?

Rookies and veterans alike will benefit from the breadth of knowledge our experts represent when it comes to growing your real estate business. Ultimately, any agent or broker interested in growing their business, getting more listings consistently, and taking their life to the next level should leap on this opportunity.

Do I have to travel to the Get Listings Summit?

Nope - it's virtual!

I know the investment and effort involved in conference travel. The Get Listings Summit is designed to provide powerful content you can consume in a way that works for your life.

(With a bowl of ice cream, of course.)

When can I watch the Summit interviews?

Each day, several interviews will go live. When you register, you'll get the full schedule.

Andrey Polston
Creator & Summit Host
I'm on a mission to create 1,000 Millionaire Real Estate Agents. 

Bold? Ballsy? Improbable? All the above.

But nothing worth doing was ever easy. Otherwise we'd all be billionaires and have 6-pack abs, right? 

When I was 12 years old I watched the hardest working and most honest man I know - my dad - get laid off from his job. It confused me how someone who worked hard could lose their job.

At 13 I decided to be a "rich businessman". So "nobody could every lay ME off".

Real estate is how I got into business for myself. Getting into business for myself has been good to me. Now it's time help others up the ladder.
Andrey is on a mission to create 1,000 millionaire real estate agents through the Get Listings Summit by hand picking the most successful players in real estate and getting them to reveal their best secrets and strategies to you...
Listen In As A Group Of Successful Real Estate Players Share Their Listing Getting Playbook So You Can Get A Steady Flow Of New Listings, No Matter The Market Condition.

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