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So you can model what they're doing and have the same results.

Would you like to know how it is possible average 3-5 new listings per month, or per week, with scientific accuracy?

That, and the mindset for taking your business to the next level, is what you'll learn at the Get Listings Summit.

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If You're Not Pulling In At Least 5 New Listings
Every Month, As Predictably As The
Sun Rises & Sets, Then Buckle Up For
The Ride Of Your Life.

The Get Listings Summit is a gathering of the best minds
in real estate to share with you the best ways to get new listings,
get more of them, and maximize them.

Each speaker has been vetted to make sure they're either
successfully practicing real estate, or driving proven results for clients.

This summit can change your business and life. Are you in?

The 3 Pillars Of The Summit

Pillar 1 - PERSPECTIVE aka "the Big Picture"

Do you know where the industry is headed?

Do you know what "big tectonic plates" are shifting for an agents business?

If you know the answers to these questions, you can:

  • position yourself ahead of the trend
  • catch the trend like a wave and ride it
  • get twice the results (or better) for the same work you're doing

But the only way to know where the industry is headed is if you are seeing what's happening for hundreds of agents' businesses across the nation.

As an individual agent, you don't have that perspective.

You know who does?

Leaders of companies and platforms serving our industry.

So I'm bringing you the perspective of industry leaders who are seeing what's happening in the big picture, so you can position yourself to win big.

Pillar 2 - PRINCIPLES aka "What Drives Results"

Why is it that some agents just some to get waaaay more done with the same 24 hours?

Do you ever feel like you're doing all the right things - planning, visualizing, studying, researching, and so on - only to feel like you're spinning your wheels?

- try this strategy, get this tool, implement this hack, master that tactic -

...Yet not seeing the growth your after.

Well, I'm bringing you a hand-selected, carefully vetted group of business and real estate coaches who have a proven track record.

If they're on this summit, I've vetted them to make sure they're:

  • either successful as agents now, while coaching
  • or have been incredibly successful before and have a long list of success stories from coaching clients

So you can have a peace-of-mind and certainty in knowing that what you're learning will actually work!

Pillar 3 - PRACTICE aka "Agents Getting Results"

There's nothing quite like learning from someone who is succeeding at what you're doing, just a few steps ahead of you. Getting the very results you're after.

You're getting access to an incredible cross-section of successful agents, ranging from:

  • rookies killing it in the their first year
  • veterans who are maintaining consistent growth
  • niche agents who are dominating pockets of their market
  • skill based agents have mastered 1-2 strategies and succeed with them

So regardless of where you are at in your business - brand new rookie or an already successful veteran - there's something for you to learn from an agent just a bit ahead of you.

Which is exactly the type of agent you want to be learning from: an agent who was just where you're at now, and took it to the next level.

Get Access to 35+ Expert Interviews
on how to get new listings consistently and grow
your business predictably.

For a limited time, get your FREE access.
The 35+ experts you'll be learning
from in the Get Listings Summit...

Plus, a few surprise guests you won't believe...

aka "the Big Picture"
Gary Elwood
Toby Salgado
Chris Tamm
Howard Tager
Jay Niblick
Todd Miller
Daniel Ramsey
Sharran Shrivatsaa
Pat Hiban
Sam Monreal
Gino Blefari
Doren Aldana
Frank Klesitz
aka "What Drives Results"
John Gualteri
Michael Hellickson
Bob Corcoran
Dale ArchDekin
Greg McDaniel
Michael Maher
Albert Girabaldi
Tim & Julie Harris
Lars Hedenborg
Josh Schoenly
Andrey Polston
Shaun Farr
Aaron Wittenstein
Pillar 3 - PRACTICE
aka "Agents Getting Results"
Amanda Howard
Jeff Cohn
Amy Kite
Kris Weaver
Joel Sherlock
Chris Suarez
Russell Rhodes
Kevin Smits
Josh Anderson
Tristan Ahumada
Nick Baldwin
Wes Madden
Get Access to 35+ Expert Interviews
on how to get new listings consistently and grow
your business predictably.

For a limited time, get your FREE access.
Why you should attend the Get Listings Summit:
Incredibly Tactical Information

Because the speakers are all either incredibly successful agents, proven coaches, or vetted industry platforms -- the level of insight you're going to get from every session will be "pages of notes" worthy. Tactical information you can apply in your business right away.

Inspiration That Challenges You

These speakers will light a fire under your behind with what's possible. We've got success stories ranging from coping with learning disabilities, a mom with puking toddlers in tow, to starting out dead broke with life in a smoking crater. You will be inspired by just what is possible, and you're mind and vision will be refreshed.

This Summit Will Deliver Results

The standard for every speaker interview is "if this was the only interview that an agent was able to watch, would they be able to get results with it?". This level of demand is put on every speaker, so that you will get incredible results.

First Time All These Minds Are Together

And it may be the only time ever that all these minds in our industry come together for one event. Pull back the curtain on what's driving their success, go deep, and give back to the community. All with a shared vision: to help you create the business and life you want.

It's FREE For A Limited Time, If You Sign Up Today

Most conferences require to you invest a lot of time, energy, and money. You have to travel, buy lodging, and completely stop your life. The Get Listings Summit is different - you save money, maximize time, and fit things in around your schedule. And it's FREE ...if you claim your ticket today.

What Makes the Get Listings Summit Stand Out?
A Singular Focus On ONE Thing

This summit focuses on one thing: how to take your listing game to the next level. So it's not all over the board - all the speaker sessions build on each other to give you the most in-depth guide possible for winning the listing game.

Carefully Vetted Speakers

To become a speaker at the Get Listings Summit you had to A) spend a min of 30 min answering questions about your business and how you operate, B) you had to be vouched for by someone I already personally knew as high-calibre, and C) you had to have proof of results.

In-Depth, Tactical Interviews

Not a single interview is surface level. Or just "lofty principles up in the clouds". As Gary V says "clouds and dirt". And I make sure that every interview delivers solid real estate gold to you that is "note taking worthy".

Do You Want To Learn From Some Of The Most Successful Real Estate Practitioners In The Business Today?
Get Access to 35+ Expert Interviews
on how to get new listings consistently and grow
your business predictably.

For a limited time, get your FREE access.

What is the Get Listings Summit?

The Get Listings Summit is an online event featuring more than 30 of the leading experts on getting listings and growing a real estate business.

Who should attend the Summit?

Rookies and veterans alike will benefit from the breadth of knowledge our experts represent when it comes to growing your real estate business. Ultimately, any agent or broker interested in growing their business, getting more listings consistently, and taking their life to the next level should leap on this opportunity.

Do I have to travel to the Get Listings Summit?

Nope - it's virtual!

I know the investment and effort involved in conference travel. The Get Listings Summit is designed to provide powerful content you can consume in a way that works for your life.

(With a bowl of ice cream, of course.)

When can I watch the Summit interviews?

Each day, several interviews will go live. When you register, you'll get the full schedule.

Hi! I'm Andrey Polston, He's Toby Salgado.
And Here's Who Is Behind The

Toby Salgado
Get Listings Summit Co-Anchor

Toby is the host of SuperAgentsLive, one of the top real estate podcasts, and he made his first million in real estate. He's now on a mission to help agents take their game to the next level by bringing them the best content, tools, and resources. Toby is the founder and owner of four real estate companies.

Andrey Polston
Get Listings Summit Founder & Co-Anchor

I'm on a mission to help 1,000 agents crack $250K GCI per year. Because I know what it's like to live out a puke green 1996 Jeep Cherokee ...shower at 24 hr fitness.. and live on Top Raman... all in the pursuit of a dream of financial independence. So if I can help an agent go from $45K a year to $250K, I know that's truly transformational.

The Get Listings Summit can change your life. Let's make 2017 the best year in your business?
Get Access to 35+ Expert Interviews
on how to get new listings consistently and grow
your business predictably.

For a limited time, get your FREE access.

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